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Cebu Hash History

In July 1997 Pothole (Barry Warnock), Stubbles (Peter Vivian) and Mrs. Stubbles (Karen Vivian) had this whacko idea of setting up the Cebu kennel. At the first meeting, some 30 potential hasher's turned up and the first run was set for August 9th .. and sure as shit, it happened.

What a sight it was, 28 of Cebu's finest drinkers and runners, all wound up on "go-fast" juice .. waiting for the first ON-ON, which happened right on 4:17 pm. That was probably as close as we ever got to starting at our appointed hour of 4 pm. The original Missmanagement committee was made up of:

  • Grand Master .. Stubbles (Peter Vivian),
  • Asst GM .. Wildman (John Harvey)
  • Hash Cash .. Hole in the Wall (Marlene Warnock), & Madge (Jacqui Glendinning)
  • Hash Booze.. Pothole (Barry Warnock) & Dame Edna (Barry Glendinning),
  • On Sec .. Mrs Stubbles (Karen Vivian),
  • Hash Monk (RA) .. Alien (Eric Moore),
  • Hare Razer .. Shagger (Rob Greville),
  • Hash Haberdash.. Mrs Stubbles,
  • Hash Trash .. Stubbles,
  • Hash Horn .. Blow Job (Tom Scarff)

The first run started from The Sandtrap, now known as Asmara Urban Resort, and went On-Up through Maria Luisa housing estate. Furnicator did the checking (and did till Run #461, the FRB !!). The trail wandered through some well used path's and tracks, through the back of the Army Camp, through another housing development and eventually into what is now our favourite sewer. After a quick dash up a goat path and through a local "village", where the kids joined in with a few ON-ON's, we arrived back at On-Home for our first .. and eagerly anticipated Down-Down. It's all been down hill from there.

As of we have somehow managed to accomplish 1247 Runs, some good (most), some not so good (not many) .. but one hell of a lot of fun .. and, thanks to us, the stock price of San Miguel brewery has risen dramatically.

On-On .. hopefully forever