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Cebu Hash is a drinking club with a running problem. Its membership is comprised of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, origins, and ages.

The aim of any hash run is to keep its "hounds" happy by providing an interesting trail over countryside that you would not have seen, meeting people that you would not have met, and having an enjoyable evening with good company that you would not have had.

Its doors are open to everyone regardless of age or level of fitness. Children and Elders are as equally welcome as the youthful (although the evening 'circle' can have adult themes)

Although they are called 'runs', most hashers walk the trail and there is a selection of drinks provided at the end of each run.

Run Fees are:
  • P300 for Men
  • P200 for Women
  • Young people no older than 16 years of age run for free

Currently most of our runs are a loop (start at A and finish at A).
Contributions or a small fee may be charged for Hashers without their own transport.

We usually meet at a pre-announced place in the Banilad area of Cebu (along past Country Mall). This is where run fees are collected and transport to the run site arranged. We then drive out in convoy to the start point. Normally the `Circle` is held at the run site.

CURRENTLY, our meet up point is at Barbeque Boss on Quenco Avenue just before the entrance to Donna Rita sub-division. Each week, confirmation and advice about this will appear on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/) and/or our YahooGroup email (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/cebuhash/info). Both can be read by anybody but you need to register to post or comment.

Cebu Hashers can often be found on Wednesday & Friday evenings drinking at Euro Hub bar and restaurant located in Piazza Elesia, Talamban (opposite entrance to Silver Hills sub-division).